Rissemere’s approach to Government or any organisation in the private or public sector is to talk to leadership, define the mission, understand the strategy, listen to the challenges and define precisely what management want to achieve. We then invest time analysing the operation, assess how it supports the chosen mission and understand the people within it. Any business or entity’s success, reputation and prosperity survives on a series of small decisions made by often junior staff. How are decisions made, what are the blockages, why is one unit working better than another?

Rissemere will advise on positive and achievable actions and will take a leadership role or stay involved in anther way to support or complete their implementation. In all cases and particularly in distress, Rissemere will always find and agree the optimum outcome against clear objectives for management, the public purse, funders and stakeholders.

Rissemere also advises Government in the areas of trade and investment.

Recent projects include advising the Government of Rwanda on the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.