Subject Verb Agreement Quiz with Answers

Subject-verb agreement is an important aspect of grammar as it ensures that sentences are grammatically correct and easily understood by readers. It is crucial for writers to be able to recognize and understand subject-verb agreement, and this can be achieved through taking quizzes and tests to improve one’s understanding of the topic.

Below is a subject-verb agreement quiz with answers that will help you practice and improve your grammar skills.


1. The baker (mixes/mix) the batter every morning.

Answer: mixes

2. The students (was/were) excited for their field trip.

Answer: were

3. Either the cat or the dog (is/are) responsible for the mess.

Answer: is

4. My brother and I (is/are) going to the mall.

Answer: are

5. The news (is/are) always depressing.

Answer: is

6. The group of tourists (was/were) lost in the city.

Answer: was

7. Every dog and cat (needs/need) a home.

Answer: needs

8. The company and its employees (has/have) a good working relationship.

Answer: have

9. Neither the teacher nor the students (understands/understand) the concept.

Answer: understand

10. The number of people who attended the concert (was/were) overwhelming.

Answer: was


1. mixes

2. were

3. is

4. are

5. is

6. was

7. needs

8. have

9. understand

10. was

By taking this quiz, you can gauge your understanding of subject-verb agreement and identify any areas you need to work on. Practicing quizzes like this regularly can help improve your grammar skills and make you a better writer.

In conclusion, subject-verb agreement is an essential subject for writers to get right. Whether you are writing for academic purposes, business reasons, or just writing for fun, understanding and mastering subject-verb agreement is essential. Taking quizzes like the one above will help identify the areas you need to improve on and give you the knowledge you need to improve your writing skills.